Writing Classes and Memoir Workshops by Kimberly Garts Crum

Write your true story. Learn the craft. Join the Shape & Flow writing community.

I am Kimberly Crum, owner and educator at the Shape & Flow Writing studio at a repurposed slaughterhouse, Mellwood Arts Center, in Louisville, Kentucky.

I enjoyed a social work career before getting my MFA in creative nonfiction. Now, I guide aspiring writers in the retelling of true stories, for publication or posterity. All are welcome in this place—the young at heart as well as old souls.

My office at Mellwood Arts Center is shuttered for now, due to COVID-19 (aka Corona). All workshops, seminars and groups will meet during this time through the Zoom videoconferencing platform.  I have jaunted awkwardly into the Zoom space, trying and failing, locking people in the “waiting room,” accidentally of course. Proud to say the learning curve on Zoom is flattening!

Plan to join us for a six-week workshop or monthly seminar. Contribute, share, listen, and learn.  Touch us with your insights and words!To inquire or enroll, e-mail me at shapeandflow@gmail.com 
I will send electronic invoices directly to you. 

Blessings and Peace to everyone who lands here!



  DATELINE—April 22, 2020. Louisville, Kentucky In the era of the COVID-19 pandemic, during the time between breakfast and lunch ______________________________________________________________________________________ Sheltering-in-place seems like an opportunity for a fabulous writing retreat. Alas, I find myself distracted, unable to adhere to my writing mantra, “Don’t wait to be inspired. Write to be inspired.” Time seems suspended. Unnatural. … Continue reading Distracted

Writing in the Time of Corona

Come together, virtually. Write now! Greetings from my home office—a high swivel stool at my kitchen breakfast bar. I love the way the light slants through this room and I can hear the birds singing, as if all is right with the world. Here I can easily distract myself when my writing inspiration wanes and I forget to listen to my own advice—”Don’t wait … Continue reading Writing in the Time of Corona

Consider the Lowly Hermit Crab

I first read about the hermit crab in Barbara Kingsolver’s essay collection, High Tide in Tucson. In this true story about a stowaway crustacean, Kingsolver creates a lively lyrical first person narrative, in which the crab becomes a metaphor for how creatures habituate to their environments. Indeed, the hermit crab makes good metaphor. When you feel cramped, find a new shell to call … Continue reading Consider the Lowly Hermit Crab

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“The workshop is an enjoyable, stimulating way to learn and develop writing skills with a wonderful instructor and inspired women.”

“I have learned how creating scenes, using dialogue to move the story along, and integrating the setting with the characters can make your writing more engaging.”