About Shape & Flow Writing Services

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“A writer needs three things: experience, observation, and imagination, any two of which . . . can supply the lack of the others.”

~William Faulkner~

I strive to provide group and individual consultation using instructional techniques that will be affirming and educational.  

I specialize in creative non-fiction and essay, with a focus on storytelling. I offer fiction or poetry classes and instruction through contracts with local writers who are accomplished educators and writers.  I will also custom-design a class for a small group.  I am more interested in writing process and craft than publication, though I am happy to help writers find publication assistance and venues for polished work.

Shape & Flow is a sole proprietorship I began in November 2012, beginning with memoir workshops in a coffee shop.  It was difficult to compete with the cappuccino machine, so I decided to risk renting a space at Mellwood Arts & Entertainment Center— a repurposed slaughterhouse with an antique mall just below my office and an art gallery around the corner.  Mellwood is its own writing prompt!

I believe everyone can write creatively.  I also believe that ordinary lives make extraordinary stories.

Why should you trust me to teach you? I have my MFA in creative nonfiction, have published for Today’s Woman Magazine since 2000.  I write in both journalistic and literary venue and taught college literature (mostly short fiction) and English composition at Spalding University for more than 10 years—from 2003 to 2014.  I love to teach!

Learn more about my business and teaching philosophy.  Read my blog musings And take a look at some of my published work.