Creative Writing Workshops

I believe that all writing is a new creation and all persons are capable of writing creatively. Written storytelling is a synthesis of self-reflection, research, and knowledge of the writing craft. To write fiction or nonfiction, the writer benefits from natural curiosity, attentive observation skills, and a willingness to reflect deeply on ordinary events. 


”The longer you look at an object, the more of the world you see in it.”

 ~Flannery O’Connor~

 My experiences as a social worker and a writer originate from a relentless curiosity.  For me, deep meaning emerges from studied observation of the things outside myself.  The ordinary becomes extraordinary.

Nonfiction stories should make the truth read like story.  Fiction stories should feel true.

I specialize in essay, short memoir and biography but have a working knowledge of academic writing and fiction.  I am part of a writing community that includes published writers in all genres who are willing to be guest speakers at Shape & Flow Writing Studio.  I will custom design a class for your needs!