Copyediting and Developmental Editing

I love working with manuscripts, both academic and creative!  I do both developmental edits and copyediting.  For academic manuscripts, I specialize in APA style, have working familiarity with MLA style, and am a student of Chicago Style.

Copyediting and Critique

  • Copyediting: Line-by-line proofreading marks as well as comments in the text using electronic tracking tools.
  • Narrative Critique: A narrative critique focuses on strengths and challenges in four areas: organization, development, clarity and credibility.

Papers will be reviewed and critiqued electronically. Face-to-face consultation is available for an additional fee ($35 per hour). Telephone consultation regarding your manuscript is free.

Here is how manuscript critique works

$5 a page or $35 per hour, whichever is lower

  • Developmental edits for academic and creative manuscripts will focus on organization and development (not copyediting), though describing patterns of grammar and usage that affect clarity (hourly rate).
  • Copyediting provides specific revision suggestions, especially those affecting flow and clarity.  I will make changes in the text of your manuscript using tracking tools, which you can accept or reject (usually, $5 per page)
  • Narrative critique provides global suggestions to help you understand patterns within your manuscript (part of every critique).
  • Goals are both short term and long term: to help you produce a polished manuscript and become a better writer.