On Misremembering

  Here is how I remember the scene. My nine-year old daughter has fashioned a muslin prairie bonnet, the kind Laura Ingalls Wilder would wear. She will dress as a pioneer for the school Thanksgiving program, where teachers will showcase costumed students for adoring parents and extended family. “Look mom!” she says, modeling the bonnet. It resembles a handkerchief with … Continue reading On Misremembering

A Welcome Eulogy

Once again, we've survived that time of year when we are to relax and enjoy life, loved ones, and humanity in general, while squeezing into the doors of overcrowded big box stores.  One tradition, sometimes mocked, is the annual Christmas (aka holiday) letter. I'm a big advocate of the well written holiday letter.  Why? It's an epistolary composition, which creates the … Continue reading A Welcome Eulogy

Minding the Gap

  I place two coffee cups gently on the counter, as if each is fragile antique china I had picked up at Portobello market.  The mugs feature a map of the London Underground and the ubiquitous subway warning, “Mind the Gap.” “I’ve been looking for these all over London,” I announce to the clerk in the … Continue reading Minding the Gap