Introduction to Micro-memoir

Thursday, January 23 from 6PM to 8:30 PM
 Studio 123, Mellwood Arts Center
$30 (pre-registration recommended)


The challenge of memoir is knowing where to start and end, what to highlight and what to leave out. A life story is often too big to tell. How do you write your life without getting bogged down? Try micro-memoir!

The micro-memoir captures a memory in one sentence to 800 words. Also known as vignette, flash or postcard prose, micro-memoir can stand alone or be part of a collection whose unrelated parts form a whole.

Join a small group of aspiring writers for this evening workshop. Instructor Kimberly Crum—essayist and owner of the Shape & Flow Writing Studio—will provide examples and instruction about this popular prose form. Participants will respond to a writing prompt and complete a rough draft of a micro-memoir (less than 800 words) during this workshop. We will share work aloud and participate in strength-based commentary.

In an article in The Writer, “Making much of the moment: a guide to the micro-memoir,” author Beth Ann Fennely describes very short memoir in the following way: “A true hybrid, the micro-memoir strives to combine the extreme abbreviation of poetry, the narrative tension of fiction, and the truth-telling of creative nonfiction.”

Enroll today! Once you request enrollment, I’ll send  an electronic invoice which you can pay by check or credit card. Contact Kimberly at