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Here are some comments by current and past creative writing workshop students:




Why did you take the workshop?

  • “To pursue a long-standing dream of doing creative non-fiction writing.”
  • “I want to write family stories.
  • “I have always been interested in writing, and this seemed like a wonderful opportunity to learn, to write my story for grandchildren.”

What do you enjoy about the workshop experience?

  • “I’ve learned many useful things: to show, not tell; to write dialogue, how to create beginnings and endings, to write, not necessarily in chronological order.”
  • “I’ve learned how to write without judging (myself).  It’s been so freeing!”
  • “It is fun, enlightening, and great for adult learners.”
  • “I have obtained helpful information and direction, as well as support.”
  • “I like the writing direction, group support, and motivation.”
  • “I enjoy the discussion of the writing craft.”
  • “The workshop is an enjoyable, stimulating way to learn and develop writing skills with a wonderful instructor and inspired women.”
  • “I’ve learned how to better organize and arrange thoughts for a more interesting story.”


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