Introduction to Legacy Writing

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Join memoirist Kimberly Crum for an evening seminar

Thursday, February 27, 6 to 8:30 PM

at Shape & Flow studio 123

Mellwood Arts Center

Cost: $30

About legacy writing: Students at the Shape and Flow studio write for publication or posterity. All learn common craft skills—the use of details, scene, characterization, and narrative voice. All hope their narratives will engage audiences and endure. All enjoy the writing process as an end-in-itself. But there are specific differences between writing for posterity or publications. The legacy writer has a specific audience with intrinsic interest in the story. The legacy writer does not need to fret format, literary style, or appeal to contemporary readers and publishers. Legacy writing should provide specific narrative details in the authentic voice of the writer.

During this Introduction to Legacy Writing seminar, students will receive craft instruction and generative in-class prompts. Each participant will finish the evening with the beginning of a first draft, resources, and new craft skills to use in creating pieces that their current family and friends, as well as descendants, will enjoy.

All are welcome to legacy writing, both the young at heart and the old souls!

Kim Crum photo relaxed and sure of herselfThe instructor, Kimberly Crum enjoyed a social work career before she became a creative writer. She listened to people’s stories then, as now. After ten years teaching undergraduate composition and literature at Spalding University, Kim started her business Shape & Flow Writing Instruction. There she teaches memoir and personal essay to aspiring writers who want to tell true stories, for posterity or publication. Kim has published in journalistic, literary, and academic venues. She is the co-editor with writer and educator Bonnie Omer Johnson, of The Boom Project: Voices of a Generation—a collection of essays, poems, fiction and short memoir by the Baby Boom Generation of the Ohio River Valley. This book contains many fine examples of literary legacy writing and is available at Amazon, Carmichael’s, the Louisville Free Public Library and through the book website—

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