The Joy of Revision

Half of the time a writer spends to complete a manuscript is revision.  Though it sounds daunting or boring to some, most of us discover there is joy in the process. There are certain elements typical of revision that are helpful to know and practice.  And there is a process to apply.

Revise a chapter or an essay with the help of published writer and writing instructor, Kimberly Crum. You’ll be part of a small group eager to finish a chapter and/or essay. Each participant will  submit a 5-7 page double-spaced typed manuscript in advance of the meeting. Each will receive a written critique, learn about the elements and process of revision, and revise one section of written work during the workshop.

Cost per person: $30
Limit: five participants

To learn more, contact Kimberly at

OR call her at 502-417-3424