“The workshop is an enjoyable, stimulating way to learn and develop writing skills with a wonderful instructor and inspired women.”

“Kim’s attention to each person’s voice, tone and detail is amazing. There’s always homework, which keeps our minds going.  And we learn not only writing but how to support each other.”

“I’ve learned many useful things: to show, not tell; to write dialogue, how to create beginnings and endings, to write, not necessarily in chronological order.”

“Shape & Flow classes give me a writing community who challenge me safely, provide constructive but gentle criticism, and hold me accountable to the page.”

“Shape & Flow workshops have helped me look back and reframe my childhood experience, tell my story, [share] memories from my past that I’ve never told before and didn’t understand as a child.  I’ve learned to be more descriptive and document stories for my children and grandchildren.”

“Kim’s writing workshops gave me courage and confidence to write the story in my head.  But what I love the most is the amazingly talented writers I got to rub shoulders with.”

“I’ve learned to write without judging myself. It’s been so freeing!

“I have learned there are so many memories and experiences rattling around in my head, they want to be told; they want to be shared and understood.  I have learned to be a better writer by listening to the ebb and flow of other’s voices as they bring their own memories to life.”

“Shape & Flow has allowed me to remember details of my personal story in order to pass along family history to my children and grandchildren.”

“I have learned how creating scenes, using dialogue to move the story along, and integrating the setting with the characters can make your writing more engaging.”

“Kim’s classes at Shape & Flow have taught me to read for deeper meaning and better understanding of the writer’s intention.  I have enjoyed learning to write memoir that has become so meaningful and important to me!”